Our story is realy your story. A man,a women, and something you cant quite put into words - LOVE.

Your wedding day, that day when you shine from that special love, this is the day you want someone to translate that feeling into photos.

Someone who will portray you at your best and natural selfs.

Someone who'll make fill at ease and take photos that capture you right at that intimate moment photos that will last forever and always fun to remenise. Photos that you will want to show your grandchildren oneday...

That is exactley what we are here to do!

We want to get to know you, understand what you're about, and far most, to know how do you want your story to be told So you'de know that on your big day, will be there from the out looking  in to show things from your point of view With no Pirotechnics or special effects, but in the most classic, elegent and beutiful way.

Like you, we are a penguin couple,that understand that men & women have different stories. So woman to woman and man to man, and no camera experince needed, well be there to hold your hand and make the experience as fun as can be. Like friends, we'll talk to you, get you mooving in order to make the most gourgeous photos Becuse that's the way a love story should be told!